So many of us return home after a holiday feeling drained, tired and in need of some rest, particularly if your holiday involves over eating and drinking. Holidays are meant for rest and relaxation; one should feel rejuvenated and re-energised when returning home however this is seldom the case.

More and more people are now enjoying yearly getaways that include some aspects of health and wellness, whether it be gentle exercise like a daily yoga class, or being able to chose healthy meal options, these small changes can make a huge difference.

THE BARAI’s Lifestyle Collection programs offer the ideal way to get back into balance– the perfect tonic for busy lifestyles. Some benefits include:

Sleep -THE BARAI’S relaxing environment promotes much needed rest to get your body back into a healthy routine, encourage a normal circadian rhythm and to encourage better sleep cycles. The addition of therapeutic massages, herbal baths and gentle exercise is sure to improve your sleeping habits.

Weight management -Whether visiting THE BARAI to specifically to lose weight or simply improve tone and fitness, you are guaranteed to achieve both. We allow you to unwind whilst also targeting your personal weight concerns through combination of fitness activities and a healthy diet.

Healthy Cuisine -Our cuisine aims to provide healthy and wholesome foods that cater to your specific diet and goals. We include a balanced diet with a variety of fresh and natural ingredients to assist in boosting your immune system, losing weight, reducing stress, and increasing your energy.

Cleanse- Detoxing not only rids your body of toxins and environmental stress but also helps to clear your mind. At THE BARAI we allow you to re- balance your body by de-cluttering your system, eliminating toxins and allowing the regeneration of new cells within your body.

De-stress –Stress relief is an essential part of THE BARAI’S wellness philosophy with many relaxing treatments and activities on offer. Our speciality massages and hydrotherapy are extremely effective at removing tension from muscles deep within your skeletal system, whilst holistic activities help with your flexibility, improve muscle tone, strength and enhance your overall wellbeing.