Deep Sleep Ritual Guide



We would like to help you to get a good night sleep. Transform your sleep to regenerate, energize your body and sharpen your mind. If you’re consistent, your body will know when to release calming hormones before bed, and stimulating hormones to help you wake up
Why it is important to work on your sleep pattern?
  • Makes it harder to get and stay lean; as we get more hungry when we didn’t get good and enough sleep
  • Makes it harder to gain and keep muscle and other lean mass;
  • Disrupts hormones;
  • Ages us faster;
  • Increases our risk of chronic illness;
  • Drains our IQ
This guide helps you to find balance and recharge your batteries the same way as you do it for your mobile phone…During sleep, a few really important things happen. First, your body restores and rebuilds. Sleep lowers a host of inflammatory biomarkers and boosts recovery hormones.
Sleep is also the time when your brain consolidates information learned during the day and stores it in long-term memory. Sleep needs to be trained like a muscle.

How much sleep do you need?

Your vacation time here at Hyatt Regency Hua Hin & THE BARAI is ideal to figure out about your personal need of sleeping time. Don’t set the alarm and monitor when you wake up and feeling rested. That’s the number of hours you’ll want to shoot for every night.

Sleeping guide

Keep awake until bedtime around 16 hours but not over stimulating 

De-Stress activities

  • Gentle movement — such as stretching or yoga, or even a slow stroll around the resort. Even 5-15 minutes can release tension and activate calm-down chemicals
  • Prepare a relaxing cup of herbal tea/ Curcuma/Turmeric Late and enjoy 1h before sleeping time (ask our room service or your Suite Butler, Herbal Moon Tea from Plantogenic available at THE BARAI Spa)
  • Reading a book before bed — but make sure it’s not too engaging
  • Listen to relaxing music, Meditation, deep breathing, or other simple relaxation exercises (look at our World of Hyatt Member free Headspace App)
  • Take a warm bath or shower (ask our Suite Butlers at THE BARAI to set up a relaxing bath for you or book a treatment with a bath at our THE BARAI Spa)
For a deep sleep we offer a special Tranquility Sleep Massage 90 min at our THE BARAI which helps your body and mind to calm down. We recommend to enjoy this treatment in the late afternoon or directly before you go to bed.

Create a good sleep environment

  • Dim lights at night. Install low-wattage bulbs in your bedroom, and keep things as dim as possible in the hour before your planned bedtime.
  • Cover your windows well if there is too much light outside (especially in Cities)
  • Use a motion-sensitive or dim night light if you need something to illuminate your midnight path to the bathroom.
  • Put your mobile Phone in another room or flip it face down.
  • Cover or dim the alarm clock, or look for one that illuminates only when touched.
  • Good temperature better cooler than warmer
  • Comfortable pillow and blankets which supports your sleeping position and needs
  • Use calming Aromatherapy Oil as a room scent or drop the oil on your pillow (ask for special calming oils in our THE BARAI Spa)
  • Use white noise if needed. Using some nature sounds on your iPhone, or even just turning on a fan/air-condition

candle light

Go to bed before midnight

Interesting: According to some sleep experts, because of the way our natural circadian rhythms work, every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours after.

Wake up to light

If possible keep curtains open so daylight can come in.
Wake up to soft, slowly building noise.
Some types of alarm clocks (such as the Progressive Alarm Clock app) will also gradually increase noise or music

Get moving right away

Start your day with slight stretching already in the bed and sit on the corner of your bed and bend your torso left and right. Get up for a walk on the beach or join our Yoga class at 8 am at Tranquility Court (Guest only)
For further information please consult our Health Consultant at THE BARAI Spa AT +66(0) 32 521 234