CBD Oil – Hope or Hype?

What is CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of at least 85 active chemical compound cannabinoids, found naturally in the hemp plant.

CBD is derived from the aerial parts of the hemp plant, such as the leaves, flowers, and stalks.  It is non- intoxicating, helps to relax muscles and has an anti-inflammatory effect.  CBD doesn’t create a “high” like THC, another cannabinoid which is well known for its intoxicating effect.

CBD oil is acquired through different processes.  It interacts with our body’s cannabinoid receptors to release feel-good chemicals that lead to relaxation. It works on various receptors, such as the Vanilloid to relieve pain.  It also acts on the brain’s serotonin receptors to work against anxiety.

Clinical research shows that CBD oil may help ease chronic pain and inflammation, improves mood swings and sleep quality, and a list of other health challenges. Another study shows that it has a positive effect on cholesterol and that it improves HDL, the good cholesterol in our blood.  As CBD has only recently entered the medical mainstream and is mostly conducted on animals, there are still many areas to be explored.

Nature has always had a role in healing our mind and body. From the Anglo Saxon and Indian Ayurvedic to the traditional Chinese medicine, ancient cultures had natural healing wisdom that consisted of plants such as Echinacea, Aloe Vera, and Ginseng.  The Chinese have written records on herbal therapy as early as the Shang dynasty 2,200 years ago. They used various kinds of herbal remedies to balance the elements in the body which then helped to set off the self-healing process.   Hemp is just one of many plants we can use to improve our wellbeing. There will be even more studies in future on the effects of CBD and THC on our immune system and cancer.

Couple Treatment Room


At THE BARAI Spa, we use CBD oil in our massage treatments, the Deep Muscle Relieve massage and the Tranquility Sleep massage.

The CBD oil works to relax the muscles and induce deep relaxation.  FDA regulation allows maximum 1% but we use 0.1 – 0.2 % to get the benefit. Although this low dosage is not for healing, it will respond to create a beneficial effect for the relaxation of the muscles.


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