Our Team Of Experts

Bringing Puglia to Hua Hin.

Vicenzo Gatti

Executive Chef
Growing up in Puglia, home to olives and the iconic Altamura bread, my love for cooking was inspired by my mother when I was a young boy. I´d wake up to the smell of simmering meat ragu as the aroma filled our house when my mother cooked this for a typical Sunday meal. I watched in admiration as she prepared our family favourites, including eggplant parmigiana and roasted fish. Her passion for food and flavours inspired me so much that today, this is part of who I am and what I put into my cooking. I remember my grandmother rolling pasta and we would make orecchiette together in our kitchen. Her stuffed focaccia was one of the best I have ever eaten! My cooking was influenced by Puglia´s rich ingredients coming from the sea, the farms and the forest. To me, food carries a deep connection of scent, sound and, emotion. I like simple, flavourful dishes, comfort food that you´d find people eating all over Italy. My cooking philosophy? Having worked in different countries, I am inspired to use creative cooking techniques to produce a traditional dish with a modern twist. Buon Appetito!