Our Team Of Experts

Fulvio Lancione

Executive Chef
Fulvio Lancione has taken the helm as Executive Chef at Hyatt Regency Hua Hin. He oversees the culinary operations armed with a wealth of experience - having previously worked in Michelin-star restaurant Il Pellicano in Italy and recently, as Executive Sous Chef at Park Hyatt Guangzhou and Grand Hyatt Guangzhou in China. Fulvio grew up in Rome, where his father had a gelateria. His interest in cooking was cultivated early as a child, having been influenced by his father. Following his culinary education in Rome, he travelled and worked in many countries abroad. He brings with him over 25 years of experience gained from working in Rome, Tuscany, London, Barcelona, Sydney, Bermuda, and China. He has a deep respect for each country’s seasonal produce and will merge traditions with modern techniques to deliver exciting dishes to the tables. “Every country has its cooking methods, raw ingredients, and ways to cut. What’s amazing is that the connection of all these elements is very much rooted in the local culture. I am moved by local ingredients and like to understand the reason behind a certain way food is prepared. Based on this inspiration, I construct my own cooking style to elevate the flavours of the ingredients.”