In a world in which we spend more time than ever indoors in front of our screens, more and more people are seeing their holiday time as a chance to restore their physical and mental wellbeing. Healthy holidays are on the rise, and a full 16 percent of global tourism revenue is now wellness-driven.

Thailand has been a global leader in this growing market segment. Part of this is thanks to location. Blessed with a tropical climate and thousands of kilometers of gorgeous coastline, the country is a natural hotspot for travelers. Furthermore, given the country’s long-standing position as an international tourism hub, its world-renowned reputation for hospitality, and its centuries old massage tradition, Thailand offers a host of wellness opportunities at more competitive prices than European and American destinations.

In recent years, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has also placed a special emphasis on promoting anti-aging and longevity treatments. Along with more traditional wellness programs, which include massage, personal fitness training and healthy diets, anti-aging regimens have become an increasingly popular activity for spa and wellness travelers in Thailand. Across the Kingdom, both foreign and local guests are discovering cleanses, scrubs, and exfoliants like collagen and spirulina extract that help mitigate the effects of life in the urban jungle.

Hua Hin, in particular, has grown as a major wellness-and-spa destination, with a wide range of resorts catering towards health-conscious travelers. This seaside town is a natural fit for citygoers looking for an escape, conveniently located just three hours down the coast from Bangkok.

The Barai has emerged as one of Hua Hin’s top-tier wellness destination spas, and makes the perfect venue to refresh and recalibrate. With its innovative Lifestyle Collection programs, rejuvenating treatments and a stunning seaside location, The Barai offers finely-tuned techniques that are an ideal way to hit the restart button.